Best Tummy Time Toy

What Is the Best Tummy Time Toy?

Why do we think that the Crawligator we developed in Lakemoor, IL, is the best tummy time toy out there? It is because of how it was developed and how it can work for your child’s experiences. It helps to encourage growth, development, and the child’s overall health. It is designed to promote the natural crawling movement that your child needs to learn. During that process, it is also able to encourage strength building in a fun and interesting way – they want to do it!


As the best tummy time toy out there, the Crawligator is designed to be easy to use and safe. The child rests comfortably on their tummy on the device. Then, they are able to move their arms and legs in all directions. They are also able to remain supported just enough to encourage them to pick up their head and to turn in one direction or the other.

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