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Moving Babies Forward


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New Arrival

Grey Blue and Comfort Pad

Baby Crawling

Studies Show

Studies show that more tummy time can promote crawling and health

Studies by the World Health Organization and National Institute of Child Health & Human Services, among others, continue to show the strong importance of tummy time for a baby's growth, development and health.

The Crawligator crawler makes tummy time fun and promotes natural crawling movement for infants while building strength.


Designed to move just above the surface of a smooth level floor on ball caster wheels, the Crawligator's contoured surface fits the curvature of the baby’s body, allowing the child to rest comfortably on their stomach. In this position, the baby is able to practice bilateral coordination -- using the arms and legs in reciprocal movements.

The Crawligator features a single, directional, gripping rear wheel to prevent uncontrolled movement, and four gripping safety pads.

Experts Say

"After 30 years, I have seen and worked with a lot of babies. After a while, I began to see the great significance of the impact of floor time play on their development. When I came across the Crawligator, I was excited because it not only encourages babies to strengthen but also encourages head lifting and motion as the baby attempts to explore their world. These early developmental stages form the focus of my book, to help parents understand the importance of touch, movement, and play in their child's first five years."

Dr. Tara Losquadro Liddle, PT, DPT, PCS


Seen In


"In less than 30 days my son started crawling on his own."

5-Star Reviews

"Our daughter, Zoe, was not showing much interest in crawling when we first received the Crawligator but she has really enjoyed it and is making lots of progress toward crawling in a short time thanks to your product."

-Kristen S.

Crawling in No Time

"My son was 10 months when I came across this product. His therapist thought that he probably wouldn't crawl until he was 1 year old. In less than 30 days my son started crawling on his own." 

"Our 7 month old daughter is just at an age where she is exploring the idea of crawling. Putting her on the Crawligator is helping her build the strength she needs to crawl. Also so great for tummy time! Our home is all hardwood floors and the Crawligator glides around wonderfully."

-Kim C.

"I was hoping to find something to help get my little one ready for crawling. He was so close and just needed a little help to keep his belly off the ground so when he moved those legs, he would move instead of just slide. The Crawligator was the perfect solution to this! It propped him up and helped keep his body in the position to best help him move. He enjoyed rolling around the living room on his new Crawligator and was laughing and showing off to his big brothers. We would put him on his Crawligator a couple time throughout the day and within a week, his body naturally moved into the crawling position. This thing is amazing!!!"  - Meg F.

"We love our Crawligator and the pad makes it a lot more comfortable for our daughter. She is very close to moving on it! We also shared the Crawligator with another family of a boy who was struggling to crawl and he was crawling on it within days. Love this product! Even if your child isn’t super mobile like mine, it’s still a great position for them to be in daily to work on these important skills."

-Jeanna P.

"I am a pediatric physical therapist and the Crawligator has been a great tool to have in my toolbox. Some kids need a little extra help figuring out the motor plan for crawling and the Crawligator offers the support they need to concentrate on moving their arms and legs. I have also used it as a strengthening tool for other kids to work on their back and neck extensors. I have been very pleased with this product. It is well made and sits lower to the ground than a scooter board lessening the chance of fingers being rolled over. I would recommend this to some of the families I work with for kids who need a little extra help with crawling."