Frequently asked questions

Is there any particular surface that the Crawligator is best on?

Yes! As you can imagine, the Crawligator works best on hard, smooth floor surfaces. Because of the added safety features, it may be harder for your child to navigate on carpet and possibly linoleum flooring.

Is there a chance that my child's fingers might slip under the wheels?

No. The Crawligator body is designed to touch the floor all the way around, building a barrier that does not allow for tiny fingers or toes to interact with the wheels.

What is the recommended age of the child for the Crawligator?

Tummy time on the Crawligator can start around 4 - 6 months.

What is the size of the Crawligator?

The Crawligator is 24" long and 12" wide and 5" high.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

The average weight of a 6-12 month child is 15-25 lbs.

What is your return policy?

You can view our Refunds & Returns policy here.

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