How Can I Help my Baby Crawl

How Can I Help My Baby Crawl? Encourage Muscle Development

Many parents ask this question, “I’m worried about my baby. How can I help my baby crawl?” The question occurs, many times because they want to encourage the child to start crawling and sitting because the child is getting a bit older or seems to be struggling. The good news is that many children are able to learn these tasks if given the right tools. Your goal should be to encourage muscle development in your baby, so he or she is more inclined to get moving.


When you ask, “How can I help my baby crawl,” focus on the tools you provide. For example, at Kiddy Crawler, LLC, we designed the tools to encourage your child to move in a natural, crawl-like manner - the Crawligator. They are then able to strengthen their body’s core muscle groups, giving them more support when they are actually on their tummy and trying to move. If you are worried about your child’s ability to crawl, it may be time to work on developing those muscles with a tool like this.

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