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We're currently looking for the right partner to help us grow Crawligator into the industry leader in baby/infant and child development. Crawligator has been bootstrapped for two years, our founder is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor and has an incredibly compelling personal story.

We want to encourage healthy baby development and encourage a more productive tummy time for parent(s) and babies everywhere.


Heck, one of our customers became an investor!

The award-winning Crawligator has industry recognition and validation, proof of sale, demand and global reach. With investments in marketing, paying down debt on molds, and a "comfortable" level of inventory, we're ready to go and grow...Now.

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Moving Babies Forward


Seed Round for Growth

We're raising $250k for growth and market expansion

Kiddy Crawler, the parent company of Crawligator, is a bootstrapped startup with customers across the U.S. and several around the world. It's time for us to invest in marketing to meet the customer demand for Crawligator. 

Our seed round will fund:

A strategic brand story and advertising campaign with a focus on Google, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram (ads & specific paid  influencers), launch an affiliate marketing program, 
Retail ready box and in-store marketing support



  • Juvenile Pediatric Manufacturers Associations' Innovation Award 2019

  • Family Choice Product Award 2019

  • Selected as Creative Child Magazine's Product of the Year 2020 

  • Learning Toy Product of the Year Award 2022

New Segment in Old Category

The tummy time category in juvenile toys has had little innovation. Crawligator is a simple product that stands alone in the tummy time market.

This is also a challenge as parents have conformed to believe that mats are the best option for tummy time, causing them to overlook the Crawligator.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Approved

PPTs love Crawligator for its many benefits to development of healthy babies and those with developmental delays or disabilities. Some seeing amazing response results in a short time. Parents are thrilled.


Studies by the World Health Organization and National Institute of Child Health & Human Services, among others, continue to show the strong importance of tummy time for a baby's growth, development and health.


Reduced commitment to tummy time and more time spent in car seats, swings and other devices keep babies on their backs slowing development and causing plagiocephaly and torticollis. Today, babies are having more delayed physical development.

Many children are born with conditions which hinder strength and/or motor development. Cerebral palsy and spina bifida are examples of such conditions that could benefit from the independent mobility and environmental exploration provided by an infant crawling assistance devise. With the popularity of activity centers, swings and jumpers and the hours spent in car seats and strollers, the likelihood that they’ll learn to crawl is even slimmer.


Crawling is a typical, and critical, part of early childhood development that starts between ages 6-11 months. During this crucial time, infants use crawling to interact independently with their environment. This stage is important for developing strength, coordination, motor skills and cognitive development. 




The original Crawligator had success in the late 60s, but somehow disappeared from the shelf. In fact, people still sell the vintage version online.

However, safety regulations were different in 1969, so when Stacey Kohler decided to bring back the Crawligator, she did so with more safety features to meet today's Consumer Products Safety Commission safety standards, including;


  • A single directional gripping rear wheel to prevent
    uncontrolled movement

  • ​​Four gripping safety pads 


The Crawligator:

  • Promotes child physical development 

  • Enhances gross and fine motor skills

  • Twice the tummy time for muscle strengthening; spine and neck strengthening for head control

  • Develops mobility through kicking, reaching, pushing - natural movements of crawling

  • Develops shoulder, trunk and core muscles

  • Increases hip range of motion and strength

  • Improves postural control

  • Teaches spatial cognition or awareness of the environment

  • Unlike other walkers, the Crawligator stores easily

  • Recommended by Pediatric Physical Therapists

The Why

New Segment in Tummy Time Markey that Addresses all Baby Needs

No other tummy time product offers the same combination of physical, cognitive and sensory development through tummy time for babies. Contraptions for infants with physical delays or disabilities sell for hundreds of dollars and Crawligator is offering a better, less expensive alternative to these parents.


Our Story

  • Original Crawligator invented in 1967

  • Licensed to Creative Playthings

  • Creative Playthings was sold to CBS Toys, which no longer produced The Crawligator

  • In 2017, Stacey Kohler decided there was an opportunity and brought it back to the market

  • Purchased an original on eBay, updated design to meet today’s CPSP Safety Standards

  • Own utility Patent and Trademark

  • Retooled to meets today CPSC safety standards

  • 80% of product is made in America

  • Launched in 2019

  • Worked with third party to sell product on Target.com, Walmart.com and Amazon

  • Took over sales in mid-2020

  • Now selling online at www.Crawligator.com

  • Added investors (equity, sweat equity) in 2020 and 2021

  • Launched new colors and comfort pad in 2020

  • Resolved wheel issue that caused some bad Amazon reviews in by start of 2021

  • Began execution of focused Amazon Sellers and Google Shopping campaigns early 2021

  • Currently evaluating data and revising marketing strategy for more accuracy of focus and content-driven approach


Sales Channels

We have always been focused on D2C sales for higher margins to build company capital. As one of the top three search engines in the world, Amazon is a must. Close on its heels is Walmart. 

Early on we found distributors interested in selling the product for us through their primary channels - Target.com and Amazon. On particular distributor did very well and frequently sold through product, but this partnership tied our hands on key sales through Amazon and our ability to earn more profit. The relationship ended in 2020.

Today, we continue to focus on D2C through our website and have begun tying it to outside information/sales channels - Facebook and Pinterest. While Amazon can help build brand awareness the fees and shipping cut deep into profits, however, because this is where a bulk of sales are currently happening, we are maintaining our Amazon ads at status quo. 



We really believe that Pinterest is where our intentional buyer is. Pregnant women pin items for their baby registry. New moms pin items they need to assist with babies growth and development. Grandparents and girlfriends pin unique gift ideas. Moreover, once ads are pinned, the exposure multiplies. Few platforms get as much amplification. 

Pinterest is also an ideal place for us to position as an expert, meet and collaborate with other brands. Facebook makes it too difficult.


Changes in Facebook make it harder for businesses to connect with followers without advertising or boosting every post. The platform is still important for Crawligator as its demographic skews older - grandparents use it to see photos of their loved ones and even learn about new products.


Amazon ads are working to connect buyers and we're working to get our acquisition down below 26%. This can be done by beefing up our budget.

We invested in Google Ads that did not convert so well, but it gave us valuable data to improve our ads and conversions in the future.

The challenge: big brands in the tummy time space have more money to spend. We're not able to compete for those eyeballs.  

Google Ads

  • Juvenile Pediatric Manufacturers Associations' Innovation Award 2019

  • Family Choice Product Award 2019

  • Selected as Creative Child Magazine's Product of the Year 2020 


Revenue to Date


Meet The Team


Stacey Kohler

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Founder & CEO; inventor of The Sandbagger; experienced entrepreneur


Cynthia Wittke

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Investor/equity partner; Experienced juvenile products sales representative



Investor Pitch Deck

Learn more about why the Crawligator is unique, why experts love it's ability to help babies develop in a healthier way and why we're fundraising for growth.

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