The Crawligator crawler is a baby toy that makes tummy time fun. It also promotes an infant's crawling skills and mobility while building strength.

Designed to move just above the surface of a smooth level floor on ball caster wheels, the Crawligator's contoured surface fits the curvature of the baby’s body, allowing the child to rest comfortably on their stomach. 


In this position, the baby can improve gross motor skills and practice bilateral coordination, using the arms and legs in reciprocal movements. 


When used on carpet, babies get the same tummy time development benefits.


The toy is tested and approved. Proudly made in the USA.

Crawligator Green & Comfort Pad - A Toy To Help Babies Develop Crawling Skills

SKU: 860001096309
  • Made of Polypropylene durable plastic. Spherical caster wheels with single, directional, gripping rear wheel to prevent uncontrolled movement, and four gripping pads to help prevent falls downstairs.