Crawligator & Special Needs

The Crawligator is a valuable learning and development tool for all babies, but it has a unique opportunity to benefit babies and infants with special needs and developmental delays. Its design makes it easier for these children to use and gain the advantages of the physical development, natural crawling movements, gross motor skill and sensory of tummy time.

Crawligator allows babies and infants with special needs the ability to scoot acting as a crawling assistive device.  

Watch how she begins to pull herself forward and feels the motion of moving. 

Mobility Tool

Tummy Time is important to all babies, but some need a bit more help than others. That's where the Crawligator helps babies with special needs or developmental disorders thrive.

As a unique crawling device, Crawligator can help low mobility babies achieve crawling development safely.  

The Crawligator is proving to be a favorite tool of pediatric physical therapists for its ability to develop a baby's gross motor skills and muscle while promoting the natural movements that lead to crawling. 


Developmental Delays

Tummy time is crucial to all babies and without it, developmental delays can persist and require more work and effort, even involving a pediatric physical therapist. 


Babies who do not get enough time on their tummies can also develop tight neck muscles or neck muscle imbalance - a condition known as torticollis. Flat head syndrome also known as plagiocephaly can also happen from being on their backs for many hours, and from being in infant car seats, carriers, strollers, swings and bouncy seats. 


Muscle development should begin right away with your baby to prevent delays in physical development and gross motor skills. 

How it Works

Experts Say


"My 22month old niece was born with low muscle tone and a mitochondrial disorder. She has struggled with tummy time and is still working to learn how to crawl. I was searching for any product that would help support her weight and keep her from rolling to the side while she learned the crawling motion when I stumbled on a review of the Crawligator. She works with a PT multiple times a week and her PT said that after one week that she can already see improvement in her crawling motion using the Crawligator!! This product is a game changer! I would recommend the product to anyone but especially if your child is struggling with tummy time or has low tone."

A Game Changer

Parents Say

"My son has CP and desperately wants to move. The problem is he doesn’t have the strength to lift his trunk and pelvis off the floor. The Crawligator allows him to learn to coordinate his arms and legs to move forward while keeping propped up. It’s amazing!!"