I first saw Crawligator at the JPMA Show were it won the Innovation Award  for Play/Entertainment. We purchased one for our daughter and we cannot get her off of it! It makes tummy time so much fun and she loves scooting around the hardwood floors. The wheels work great and  we love that it has a low profile so little fingers do not get run over by the wheels or stuck under the body. A true innovation in the field of ride-ons! Thanks Crawligator!


I agree that this needed to be reborn. The independence it supports, while enabling the child to learn so much, so effortlessly, while allowing them to explore and still feel safe are the reasons I want to buy this for every baby.


Pediatric Therapist

I have been using the Crawligator over the past week primarily with my kiddos who don't tolerate tummy time/prone on extended arms or for kiddos who need a bit of assistance for reaching while prone on extended arms. It has worked well with those little ones!  It has been a really worthwhile purchase!


Pediatric Therapist

I am loving it and have used it with several kiddos. I love it and how much it has helped my kiddos with extension and working on LE strengthening and reciprocal movement.


The Crawligator is fantastic! My son has been in PT and OT for developmental delays. When he first received the Crawligator he would just lay on it. After a few days he started moving with his arms and soon was using his legs to get all around. The growth he made in just a few weeks was amazing>

Crawling in no time

My son was 10 months when I came across this product. His therapist thought that he probably wouldn't crawl until he was 1 year old. In less than 30 days my son started crawling on his own. 


Pediatric Therapist

I work in an early intervention setting and we love this product! It has helped many of our families get their little ones to do tummy time and has helped promote crawling. We use it with children who are older but not yet crawling and it works great! 

Dr. Gigi Tadros,

In Home Pediatrics

I am a pediatric physical therapist and I really like this product! I think the creators put a tremendous amount of research and thought into making it safe and functional. I especially love the Sleek design, and the fact that safety specs are on point. This is a fun way to promote strength, development and get your little ones out of other ‘containers'. Give it a try!


Our daughter was not showing much interest in crawling when we first received the Crawligator but she has really enjoyed it and is making lots of progress toward crawling in a short time thanks to your product!

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