Toys That Encourage Tummy Time

Why Are Toys That Encourage Tummy Time So Valuable?

When you look at the wide range of toys available to help your child learn and grow, do not overlook the value of having toys that encourage tummy time. Some infants do not like to be positioned on their stomachs. They may not think it is comfortable or, in some cases, they do not like being unable to see well around them. However, some of these toys, including the Crawligator like we developed in Lakemoor, IL, is capable of fixing this problem.


The best toys that encourage tummy time are helping your child to develop his or her muscle groups. It also helps them to build gross motor skills critical to their overall development of the ability to sit up, hold up their heads, and eventually walk. These toys are valuable because they encourage your child’s natural movements, helping to get them moving, growing, and developing in a safe manner.

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