Tummy Time Activities

What Tummy Time Activities Does Your Child Engage In?

Encouraging tummy time activities with your child is a very important way for you to build their overall core muscle groups. There are many things that can encourage this but keep things simple. For example, with the Crawligator, your child is in the right position to encourage them to move their arms and kick their legs. They are easily able to learn how to move their body and twist and turn to get more motion. It is a fun way to get them motivated and engaged.


When it comes to tummy time activities like this, it is important for you to work on these skills over a period of time. For example, encourage your infant to look around by using sound-based toys. You can also get down on the ground with them, so they can see you and follow your movements. It is a lot of fun to play with interactive toys along with being supported on the Crawligator. It is all about engaging your child.

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