Tummy Time for Infants

The Benefits of Tummy Time for Infants

Supervised tummy time for infants is an important part of their overall development. Eventually, you want your infant to learn how to control his or her head movements and to develop a strong set of core muscles. The problem is, that can seem hard to do. At Kiddy Crawler LLC in Lakemoor, IL, we created a solution designed to encourage proper tummy time - the Crawligator.


Why is it so important to your child’s development? Tummy time for infants is an opportunity to help build up shoulder muscles while strengthening their neck muscles. Over time, this helps to build motor skills, which are important for sitting up and later crawling and standing. You also do not want your child to develop flat spots on his or her head. Tummy time makes this possible. It can help to encourage rolling over and playing. It is an important set of skills they will need for years to come.

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