Tummy Time Tips

Tummy Time Tips That Work

Does your child fuss and cry when you place them on their tummy? It is not uncommon, but a few helpful tummy time tips can help encourage your child’s development of gross motor skills. If your child is not interested in it, and you have tried multiple times, try to get interactive with them. Play with them while they are on the ground. Get low so they can see your face.


At our offices in Lakemoor, IL, we developed an exciting tool that encourages your child to not just experience tummy time but also to like the experience. With the Crawligator, your child is going to pick up his or her head and be able to see around. They are also able to see more of the world around them. With the right tummy time tips for our solution, you are able to build up those muscles and encourage your child to get moving.

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