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Grey Blue and Comfort Pad

Baby Crawling

Studies Show

Studies show that more tummy time can promote crawling and health

Studies by the World Health Organization and National Institute of Child Health & Human Services, among others, continue to show the strong importance of tummy time for a baby's growth, development and health.

›Today, we're seeing an increase in early motor skills delays. More than 200,000 babies born each year are diagnosed with plagiocephaly (aka Flat Head Syndrome) and require helmets from too much time spent in swings, bouncers, and car seats.

Experts now say that babies need more time on the floor, in particular hard surfaces to encourage natural development towards crawling and prevent plagiocephaly.

Crawling is one of the most important milestones for babies and is key to future development.

›Along with strengthening the trunk, shoulders and hand muscles, the mechanics of crawling stimulate different areas of the brain that are important for future learning

including binocular vision.


Crawligator® helps babies develop gross motor skills needed for crawling & mobility

The Crawligator® crawler helps infants learn to crawl and safely explore the world.

Our focus at Crawligator is to ensure that all babies start life right through proper physical development, gross motor skills development and strengthening required for the first steps towards crawling, walking and even proper posture.

The Crawligator crawler toy makes tummy time fun and promotes natural crawling movement for infants while building strength and providing sensory stimulation from the world around them.

Unlike other walkers and tummy time toys, the Crawligator:

  • Provides twice the tummy time for muscle strengthening,; spine and neck strengthening

  • Develops mobility through kicking, reaching, pushing

  • Stores and travels easily

  • Easy to clean. Comfort pad is washable.

Designed to move just above the surface of a smooth level floor on ball caster wheels for mobility. Or enjoy tummy time together on carpet. Your baby will also get the benefits.
The contoured surface fits the curvature of the baby’s body, allowing them to rest comfortably on their stomach. In this position, on hard floor or carpet, the baby is able to practice bilateral coordination -- using the arms and legs in reciprocal movements. 
A comfort pads adds more cushion for those babies that prefer it.
The Crawligator features a single, directional, gripping rear wheel to prevent uncontrolled movement, and four gripping safety pads.
The Crawligator crawler is safe for children 4-12 months or up to 40lbs, and can be a valuable mobility toy to assist babies and infants with physical development delays or disabilities.
As with any toys or mobility toys, babies should not be left unsupervised.

Experts Say

"After 30 years, I have seen and worked with a lot of babies. After a while, I began to see the great significance of the impact of floor time play on their development. When I came across the Crawligator, I was excited because it not only encourages babies to strengthen but also encourages head lifting and motion as the baby attempts to explore their world. These early developmental stages form the focus of my book, to help parents understand the importance of touch, movement, and play in their child's first five years."

Dr. Tara Losquadro Liddle, PT, DPT, PCS


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The Crawligator Family

"In less than 30 days my son started crawling on his own."

5-Star Reviews

"Our daughter, Zoe, was not showing much interest in crawling when we first received the Crawligator but she has really enjoyed it and is making lots of progress toward crawling in a short time thanks to your product."

- Kristen S.

Crawling in No Time

"My son was 10 months when I came across this product. His therapist thought that he probably wouldn't crawl until he was 1 year old. In less than 30 days my son started crawling on his own." 

"Our 7 month old daughter is just at an age where she is exploring the idea of crawling. Putting her on the Crawligator is helping her build