STEM for Babies

A STEM-Approved Key to Infants' Growth

Introducing the Crawligator: A STEM-Approved Toy for Optimal Infants' Development

The Crawligator is an ideal choice for parents who prioritize their baby's growth and development. This innovative toy is designed to stimulate the mind, encourage motor skills, and promote healthy growth in infants. With its emphasis on tummy time and mobility development, the Crawligator has been recognized and authenticated by, a renowned organization that supports and promotes STEM education.

By using the Crawligator, your baby will be engaged in activities that promote their cognitive and physical development. The toy encourages babies to explore their surroundings, work on their motor skills, and build strength in their muscles. The authentication further reassures parents that the Crawligator meets rigorous standards and aligns with principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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Children are natural scientists. Science is all about think and figuring out just how The world works. Enrich your baby’s mind through discovery and play by observingand experimenting, curiously exploring, asking questions, showing them how things work and allowing them to repeat what they have seen.


Technology is using a manipulative to do something, like a lever on a teeter totteror a simple wheel or ramp. Interacting with toys, being inventive, identifying problems and making things work will pique the baby's interest and keep them exploring.


Engineering focuses on solving problems and building. Enrich your baby’s mind by using a variety of materials to design and construct things that work. Whether baby is building a tower with blocks or fitting objects together, they are figuring out howand why things work. 


Math for babies is all about the basics. Early math concepts, such as counting and shapes,surround us in our daily lives. As baby grows, they begin to experiment with the concepts of math by sequencing numbers, creating patterns, sorting and classifying, and understandingSpecial relationships. 

What Does Authentication Mean?

The authentication is a mark of excellence in the world of educational toys. It signifies that a toy has met rigorous standards in areas such as STEM subjects, sensory stimulation, diversity and inclusion, socialization, and more. The Crawligator stands out as a toy that excels in these categories, making it an exceptional choice for nurturing your baby's holistic growth.

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