Color - Green

The Crawligator is a developmental toy for infants that provides mobility and promotes healthy infant development through tummy time play. As an educational tool, the Crawligator develops gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive and sensory, builds strength and supports independence. 

Designed to move just above the surface of a smooth level floor on high quality ball caster wheels.  Ergonomically designed to  enhance the comfort and positioning of the infant, the Crawligator allows the child to rest comfortably on their stomach.  

In this position, the baby can improve gross motor skills and practice bilateral coordination, using the arms and legs in reciprocal movements. 

Wheels roll on hard floor surface only. When used on carpet, babies get the same tummy time development benefits.

Made of Polypropelene durable plastic. 

Safety features include:

- High quality spherical caster wheels. 

- Gripping rear wheel for controlled movement.

- Rubber pads to prevent finger pinching.

- Removable comfort pad. Easy to clean.

Recommended age: 4-12 months old.

Maximum weight capacity 40 lbs.

Dimensions: 24"LX12"WX5"H  

Light Weight: 2.6 lbs. 

No assembly or batteries required. 

Meets the CPSIA requirements, CA, EN, AS/NZS.

Adult supervision required at all times.  

Provides safe exploration of their world

Your baby will enjoy the experience of independent movement as they are able to maneuver around their environment.

The Crawligator teaches them an understanding of movement, builds responsibility for mobility and provides a foundation for early problem solving skills. 

Helps develop sensory, cognition and coordination

Crawligator allows the baby to use the left and right sides of their body together for improved coordination.

It enhances sensory input by allowing them to move over the floor surfaces and different textures.

Learn how to use

See the Crawligator in Action

A Crawligator customer with his junior assistant in training explains in detail the safety features of the Crawligator and how they work.


5 Star Reviews

"Our daughter, Zoe, was not showing much interest in crawling when we first received the Crawligator but she has really enjoyed it and is making lots of progress toward crawling in a short time thanks to your product."

Kristen S.

"My son was 10 months when I came across this product. His therapist thought that he probably wouldn't crawl until he was 1 year old. In less than 30 days my son started crawling on his own." 

"Our 7 month old daughter is just at an age where she is exploring the idea of crawling. Putting her on the Crawligator is helping her build the strength she needs to crawl. Also so great for tummy time! Our home is all hardwood floors and the Crawligator glides around wonderfully."

Kim C.

"I was hoping to find something to help get my little one ready for crawling. He was so close and just needed a little help to keep his belly off the ground so when he moved those legs, he would move instead of just slide. The Crawligator was the perfect solution to this! It propped him up and helped keep his body in the position to best help him move. He enjoyed rolling around the living room on his new Crawligator and was laughing and showing off to his big brothers. We would put him on his Crawligator a couple times throughout the day and within a week, his body naturally moved into the crawling position. This thing is amazing!!!" 

Meg F.

"So much fun! My son loves moving back and forth in the Crawligator. He's learning how to move his hands and feet together and is having a great time following our dog around the living room. Definitely recommend!"

Colette B

"We love our Crawligator and the pad makes it a lot more comfortable for our daughter. She is very close to moving on it! We also shared the Crawligator with another family of a boy who was struggling to crawl and he was crawling on it within days. Love this product! Even if your child isn’t super mobile like mine, it’s still a great position for them to be in daily to work on these important skills."