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The Crawligator Story

After the birth of her first grandchild, Stacey Kohler was on the hunt for a Crawligator to give as a gift. Originally created by a major toy company, the Crawligator was a popular crawling toy for infants, helping develop mobility, gross motor skills and muscle strength in the late 1960s.
Much to her surprise nobody knew what she was talking about. With the exception of a few originals on eBay, a Crawligator could not be found anywhere. Where did it go? Could the Crawligator possibly be extinct?
​Her expedition began in learning what happened to the Crawligator and soon discovered that it no longer existed. She thought, “I need to bring the Crawligator back from extinction".
As she continued to dig deeper, Stacey found powerful research supporting the importance of tummy time and floor time for crawling and development. She knew that busy parents needed the Crawligator more today and that it every newborn to infant could benefit, especially those children with special needs.

​​In 2016, Stacey found an original Crawligator, made some design improvements, for added safety, and began to bring it back to the market. The new Crawligator is specifically designed to meet today's Child Safety Standards.