5 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl Starting Today

5 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl Starting Today

5 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl Starting Today

Every parent wants to ensure that their baby is meeting developmental milestones and feel that they are giving it the best start in life. However, when it comes to crawling, babies all start at their own pace.


It may seem frustrating that your baby isn't crawling when others are. It might feel strange sitting in a playgroup where other babies seem to be "ahead" in your mind. Rest assured, this is totally normal. Just remember that your child is truly unique and she will develop perfectly in her own time.


We want to help you create curiosity in your baby that will propel them forward into crawling. Like most things in life, your baby just needs some motivation - a reason - to get moving. These tips are simple enough to begin using today.

  1. Use safe crawling devices - tummy time done on the floor can lead to crawling, but using a device like the Crawligator, which promotes baby's use of arms and legs in a natural crawling motion is one of the better ways to get started.

  2. Create curiosity - what interests your baby? What are they curious about? Maybe its a plush animal, a light or a fuzzy toy. Whatever it is, place it just before them with enough distance to make them reach and pull themselves forward at the same time. Limit the number of items you're using to lure baby forward to reduce confusion and indecision.

  3. Food motivation - depending on the age of your baby, you might just be able to use food to entice them forward. Remember to give them a taste and keep it just in front of them as they inch forward, or try to.

  4. Involve your pet - babies are fascinated by pets. Or maybe pet tails, whatever it is, pets can help encourage enough desire within your baby to help them pull themselves forward, and eventually up. There's nothing like a wet kiss reward.

  5. Join in the fun - whether alone or with some another family member, sit on the floor with your baby talking and encouraging them to come to you. Be sure to keep it to two or three of you max. Otherwise it might become to overwhelming for baby and they won't move in any direction.


Finally, it's important to be patient with your baby and not push them too hard. If they begin to cry, give it a rest and try again later in the day or tomorrow. Remember, your baby is his own unique self and he will let you know when he's ready. Are you really that anxious for them to start running circles around you?